Easy Life

Somewhere in your youth you learn that the world is not about you. And that’s right, the world is a lot bigger. However, your life is your life, in which you play the leading role and that is the only life for which you are responsible.

To take good care of yourself, you begin to feel what you need. That is not always easy with a crowded agenda. Can you regularly “do nothing” and sit still to have a drink where your needs are at that moment? Your needs can fluctuate enormously from lying on the couch for half an hour to training for a sports event.

Aristotle already established this more than 2000 years ago, but it still applies today. What can be the purpose of life when it does not relate to leading a happy life until we die?

It is simple things in life that give happiness. Happiness can be found in the simplicity and above all in the personal feeling of happiness.

Many people who experience stress are far too concerned about what other people think of them or what other people say about them. There is no reason to believe that those people would have the wisdom and could have access to your life. Immediately stop attracting what other people think.

Live your life on your own terms. If you find it necessary to do certain things or to keep them right in your life, stand for it. Don’t be influenced by someone else’s opinion. Everyone has a different opinion. It is impossible for you to plunder everyone at the same time. Draw your own plan and let others find what they think. Your happiness does not depend on their “approval”.