Sri Yukteswar

Sri Yukteshwar (1855 to 1936) was a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya and also the Guru of Yogananda, who called Him Jnanavatar or “Incarnation of Wisdom.” He was a great yogi, teacher, astronomer and Vedic astrologer. He was the author of the book “The Holy Science,” which came into being through His contact with Mahavatar Babaji. The purpose of this book is to show that there is essentially a unity between religions. He formed a link in the Kriya Yoga line from Mahavatar Babaji to the present time. Mahavatar Babaji has brought us Atma Kriya Yoga together with Paramahamsa Vishwananda during this time.
“The yogi will control life and death when he perseveres in his practice of Pranayama. In this way he saves his body from premature decay, which happens to most people. He can remain on earth in his current physical form for as long as he wishes, so that he has time to work out his karma in one life or body. In this way he fulfills and loses all the various wishes of the heart. Cleansed in the end, he does not have to come back to the world under the influence of Maya and he does not have to undergo darkness or “the second death.”

“After death, you have to go through life again, but there is always a chance. There are opportunities wherever you are. When He puts you here, He always has a plan. But you also have your own plan and that is where the difference lies. Why wait until you die? You can search for the opportunity now. Right now you can look for opportunities and take them and grow and let this Love guide you. Let your heart guide you. Do not allow the mind to guide you because the mind always corrupts. ”

In 1894 Sri Yukteshwar met Mahavatar Babaji. During this meeting, Mahavatar told Babaji that He would send Him a disciple who would bring the Yoga teachings to the West. Later this turned out to be Yogananda. In the house that Sri Yukteshwar had inherited from his father, He started an ashram (spiritual center) called “Priyadham.” He later started a second ashram (“Kararashram”) in Puri, on the east coast of India. Sri Yukteshwar is commemorated on March 9, the day He left this life. Sri Yukteswar is of course best known in the West for stories about Him in the book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” by his best-known disciple, Yogananda. For many, this book has been the first spiritual book, the content of which has inspired them. In this book Paramahamsa Yogananda describes how He was led to His Satguru and how everything is possible through Him.

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