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4-letter domain name

Are you looking for a 4-letter domain name? YUGA is highly brandable, strong name with a real meaning!
Our domain YUGA.COM is for sale. Minimum price is 45,000 USD

Only serious bids (minimum USD 45,000 +) to Maurice {@} Guelen {dot} com.

Or Send an Email to:  Info@Yuga.com


Why Yuga as a brand.
Your brand name is an essential part of your brand.
If you do it right, it is the best advertisement you can have. It should not only fit your brand and what your brand stands for; it must also provide the right energy. A brand name is therefore very precise. What does a good brand name all meet? What is the best choice for your brand? And how do you develop a good brand name? We are happy to explain it to you why Yuga can be a perfect choice.

Your brand name is often the first thing people come into contact with your brand, making it perhaps one of the most important business cards of your brand. People make associations in a split second and they draw conclusions just as quickly. A good brand name hits the mark, creates clarity and is also pleasant to the ear. It often comes down to details. After all, you only have a handful of words or even letters at your disposal, in which you must immediately clarify what your brand stands for. And that is not easy.

A good brand name can do a lot for your brand, but it can also detract. For example, a name can be too trendy and hang right now; and date it quickly. A word joke can just miss the mark, a sound is uncomfortable or people associate you (consciously or unconsciously) with another brand, person or initiative with which you do not want to be associated. A strong brand name is advertising and sticks in your head, and that’s what you want.

Brand names come in all kinds. A big difference in natural versus made-up brand names. Natural names include family names (Simon Lévelt), provenance names (Gulpener, Bar-le-Duc) or descriptive names (Miffy Museum, Brenger, Veteran Institute, Nature for Each Other).  Yuga is a name that has meaning and depth.

Made-up brand names have been specially developed for the brand. This may be based on something that already exists and which expresses in concrete terms what a brand does (Columbus Earth Theater, Diet This, Diet Dat – platform for dieticians, Footprint Travel). You can also choose an associative name for your brand. It does not immediately clarify what the brand stands for, but it does contain a sound, energy or emotion that matches the character of the brand (Linehub, Nuna, M, Toon). In the latter group, it is even more important to strongly load the brand in perception from the introduction of the name and to link the right associations to the brand name.

The type of name that best suits your brand depends on all kinds of factors. This includes:

– The phase your brand is in
– Your brand history
– Your current image
– The industry in which your brand operates
– Through which channels your brand can be found and how people search for your brand
– Functional matters, such as available URLs and pronunciation in English
– Legal Affairs

In short: developing a good brand name is a huge puzzle that deserves time and attention.

It is wise to have a brand name developed by an external party. You yourself are quickly (too) emotionally involved with your brand. An external conceptor or copywriter can look more objectively at your brand – he / she knows the creative pitfalls and opportunities in your industry and does not think from your thinking frameworks, but from how we can reach and trigger your target group.

Developing a brand name is part of the brand concept (the way your brand manifests itself in the world, including a brand story, brand promise, and brand proposition). The brand name is developed after the brand identity is stated. Only then do you finally know what the name must contribute to. We start with a long list of brand names based on the chosen concept direction. After we have created a shortlist together with you, we will work out a few directions or names and look closely at the consequences of the directions for your brand. So that you will soon have a strong brand name.

We have developed a method to build strong, meaningful brands: brands that want to make a positive impact on their (in) direct environment and are aware of their connecting role for society. We work according to the “meaningful brand flow” principle. This assumes the right balance between brand identity, brand concept and brand experience. Strong brands are (just like people) in balance.

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